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The Epigenetics of Pain and Inflammation: Natural Methods of Reversing

Presented by Brandon M. Lundell, DC

Learn how stress, depression, nutrition, and inflammation increase nociceptive sensitivity in the brain and body.

Pain causes chromatin-structure epigenetic changes. Learn how to reverse these changes with nutrition and functional medicine treatments to aid in pain reduction and healing.

Addiction induces epigenetic changes that can be altered in recovery from substance abuse and behavioral issues. Learn how to support patients with addictions using NT testing and inflammatory assessments.

The gut and immune system may be the source of chronic pain in extra-intestinal organs and tissues. Learn how evaluating neurotransmitter, hormonal, GI, and nutritional testing can aid in the management and resolution of pain.

Balancing neurotransmitters may help patients with chronic pain not only experience less nociception, but actually recover from chronic illness.