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How to Interpret the GI360™

Presented by Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN | August 7, 2024 at 9:30 AM and 12 PM Pacific

If your patients suffer from gastrointestinal issues like IBS or IBD, systemic conditions such as celiac disease, cardiovascular or neurological disorders, and even skin or autoimmune diseases, the GI360™ from Doctor's Data could be a game-changer.

This webinar will provide an overview of the industry-leading GI360™ stool test. A primary focus will be the rationale for the essential incorporation of complementary methodologies to evaluate gastrointestinal microbes. Other components covered will be the advantages and limitations of PCR-based testing, culture-based/proteomic testing, and susceptibility testing. Additionally, the highly focused microbiome and dysbiosis evaluation will be highlighted regarding published validation and clinical application. Furthermore, the comprehensive array of stool chemistries will be featured in context with the overall evaluation. Case studies will also be presented to illustrate the clinical value of the GI360™.

Learning Objectives:

  • Jeannie Gorman, MS, CCN, will explain the test's utilization of advanced technologies like multiplex PCR, MALDI-TOF, and microscopy.
  • You will learn how the GI360™ informs the Dysbiosis Index (DI) and Diversity Score (DS) and what these scores mean for your patients.
  • You will get practical advice on the stool sample collection process and learn why PCR testing's sensitivity is crucial for accurate results.)
  • Plus, tips on follow up testing!

Whether you're a healthcare professional or someone interested in gut health, this webinar offers invaluable insights into interpreting the GI360™ test and applying its findings for better health outcomes.

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How Methylation Impacts Estrogen Metabolism

Presented by Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP | August 14, 2024 at 12 PM Pacific

Join Dr. Dan Kalish for this practical application webinar on methylation and estrogen metabolism. We will present easy to implement treatments for problems with methylation that lead to estrogen related issues. You'll learn lab interpretation skills that you can apply to any patients experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, PCOS, cyclical migraines and many other common female hormone complaints.

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