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Gut Microbiota and Stress

Presented by Julia Malkowski, ND, DC

Stress plays a significant role in influencing gastrointestinal health and overall physiology. In this webinar, Dr. Julia Malkowski will discuss the stress and its influence over the microbiome. This presentation will cover gut microbiota-host interactions with regards to endocrine implications. Thorough objective assessment and interpretation of gut microbiota, immune implications and intestinal permeability will be covered. Gut bacterial dysbiosis in relation to the host nervous system sympathetic response will be illuminated.

Key Points

  1. Understand Healthy Microbial-Host Communication & Dysbiosis
  2. Understand Intestinal Permeability function and assessment
  3. Knowledge of implications of GI assessment
  4. Understand the intricate connection between stress, gut microbiota and endocrine implications of the gut microbiota