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The Heart of the Matter; Cardiometabolic Testing in Clinical Practice

Presented by Julia Malkowski, ND, DC

Are you still running a standard lipid panel in your clinical practice? While heart disease is still a leading cause of death, and obesity, metabolic syndrome and poor nutrition are all on the rise, cardiometabolic testing is a relevant aspect of health. In this Wellness Wednesday Webinar, we will uncover the laboratory markers of Cardiac and Metabolic Health. In a case-series format, we will uncover normal LDL-C levels, that are actually unhealthy. Discover how moving beyond simply measuring absolute values of LDL-C and addressing levels of oxidized LDL-C, small dense LDL-C, and non-HDL-C are better indicators of hearth health. See how markers such as Leptin and Glycomark, are essential indicators of metabolic health. Using this evidence-based approach, we will see the effects of fad diets, such as ketogenic, on hearth health. Attendees will take away an understanding of cardiometabolic testing techniques for optimal results.