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Advanced Topics in Melatonin for Clinical Practice

Presented by Krista Anderson-Ross, ND

  1. Learn the basics of when, where and how melatonin is produced in the human body
  2. Review the ever-expanding resume of melatonin's qualities and physiologic functions with special emphasis on immunity and inflammation during sleep
  3. Assess melatonin's essential role in the homeostasis of physiologic systems: GI, cardiovascular, blood sugar homeostasis and endocrine regulation
  4. Discuss melatonin throughout the life cycle and situations where supplementation has been shown to be beneficial or contraindicated during childhood and adolescence, menopause, and aging
  5. Survey supplementation considerations including synthetic versus plant-based, toxicity, and quality control issues that can impact dosages and side effects
  6. Consider information on dosing and duration of use
  7. Side effects, contraindications and drug interactions