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Methionine Metabolism and Methylation

Presented by David Quig, PhD

From Dr. Kara Fitzgerald: I enjoy discussing all things nutritional biochemistry, and few minds are more engaging to chat with than David Quig, PhD, VP of Scientific Support at Doctor’s Data. In this NFFM podcast, we’re drilling down into the laboratory assessment of methylation and sulfuration. As Dr. Quig makes clear (yet again)--- while we might make some *basic* inferences around methylation activity by looking at a person’s SNPs, SNPs are not our destiny (thank God!). Ultimately, SNP assessment doesn’t hold a candle to direct assessment of key methylation intermediates. And indeed, we often find our biochemistry- i.e. what is actually happening in the body at any given time—is very, very different from what our SNP patterns suggest we might find. You’re going to want to hear what he has to say, so settle in because you’re going to learn a lot.