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The Role of the Microbiome and Gut Health in Maintaining Host Health

Presented by Brandon M. Lundell, DC

Relative number and diversity of human microbiome is associated with almost all aspects of health – from aging, immune, hormones, metabolic function, mental health and more. In this webinar, Dr. Lundell will dive deep into how the microbiome and gut health effect these areas and what can be done to influence total body health through GI assessments. Learn how diet, polyphenols, anti-microbials, probiotics and more can be used to affect anti-aging, immune-enhancing, weight-loss promoting and good mental and physical well-being. Can changing the microbiome induce weight-loss? Can reducing inflammation in the gut promote anti-viral immune function? Can maintaining healthy diversity improve energy and mental clarity? Dr. Lundell will answer these questions and more as he presents the latest advancements in GI assessments and treatment, using actual case-studies and take-away protocols.