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How to Boost Your Telehealth Practice with GI Testing

Presented by Dan Kalish, DC

Dan Kalish DC will discuss how microbiome testing can be an integral part of your telehealth practice, and help you reach a broader range of patients - especially during times when patients are concerned about in-clinic visits. You will learn a three-step system that shows how to read comprehensive stool tests, and apply the results to your most complex patient cases. Through case-based learning, we'll review how to look at microbiome results, properly treat GI organ dysfunction, and understand how and when to treat GI pathogens. By looking at issues like sequencing of treatments and when to do leaky gut repair or GI immune system repair programs, you'll get a better understanding of how to handle GI cases of all types within a reproducible system so you're not re-inventing your protocols with every new patient.