sex-hormones-profile-urine sex-hormones-profile-urine
Sex Hormones Profile; urine Sex Hormones Profile; urine Sex Hormones Profile; urine

Sex Hormones Profile; urine

The Sex Hormones Profile provides a broad overview of sex steroid hormones, their metabolites, and the efficiency of the enzymes that metabolize these hormones. This non-invasive test requires only 4 or 5 separate urine collections. Because the breakdown of hormones relies so heavily on processes within the liver, this test can also elucidate areas of interest as it pertains to conjugation of each metabolite. Additionally, testing urinary hormone metabolites can contribute to further understanding of endogenous hormone secretion, supplemental hormone utilization, enzyme activity, oxidative stress, and insight into whether your body is safely metabolizing hormones.

This profile is a consideration for patients with concerns that are particular to sex hormones and/or monitoring for harmful metabolites due to the influence of HRT/BHRT. Patient FAQs and Best Practices for HuMap


Useful for:

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Thyroid pathologies
  • Inflammation
  • Fatigue/insomnia
  • Libido
  • Mood or cognitive concerns
  • Family history of hormone-driven cancers
  • HRT/BHRT utilization
  • Weight gain

Turnaround Time

5 to 7 days

Note: Turnaround times on results are an estimate and are not guaranteed. The lab may need additional time due to holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, etc. You can contact us to discuss when your results should be ready.

Analytes Tested

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Detailed Information

The Sex Hormones Profile reports not only important markers and metabolites, but it also calculates the relationship of catechol estrogens (2OHE1, 4OHE1, and 16OHE1) representative of phase 1 detox as well as phase 2 activity of the COMT enzyme via methoxy estrogen ratios. Understanding how catechol estrogens break down as well as the rate of methylation, which renders potentially harmful metabolites inactive, can help mitigate risk and determine individualized treatment.

Determining the preference for 5-alpha vs. 5-beta is desirable for optimal health. 5α-reductase converts testosterone into the metabolite 5α-DHT which is three times more potent than testosterone. Symptoms associated with higher androgen levels (thinning hair, acne, etc.) are often seen when levels of 5α-reductase and its corresponding metabolites are elevated. Additionally, the activity of aromatase (CYP19) is an integral part of the health of both men and women. Aromatase is more active in peripheral tissues increasing estrogens in males as well as the main source of estrogens in the postmenopausal female. Determining the activity of aromatase can assist with understanding the root cause of lower testosterone as well as estrogen dominance.

Progesterone is found in the urine in very small quantities due to its molecular structure making it difficult to obtain without sensitive LCMS testing methodologies. The Sex Hormones Profile measures the metabolites of progesterone, (5α-pregnanediol and 5β-pregnanediol), and also progesterone itself. This level will be of particular interest to practitioners prescribing oral progesterone as they may now track the metabolism of progesterone into its metabolite allopregnanolone, known to have GABA like effects for sleep and relief of anxiety.